Monday, October 22, 2018

How to choose furniture to choose furniture correctly

Techniques for choosing furniture
Look: the material of furniture wants environmental protection
Look from furniture material character, furniture is to have very a variety of, have real wood furniture, board type furniture, steel furniture, plastic furniture, cloth art furniture, cane art, the paper furniture that already

contemporary popularity is waited a moment.No matter which kind of furniture that pledges, assure above all must be healthy.When buying furniture, can check relevant quality to detect report, make sure oneself buy furniture is healthy
environmental protection.

 smell: smell is not stimulating
The furniture that odour stimulates is cannot choose certainly, if be to choose furniture is need not stimulate eye, nose, throat.If you smell the furniture, you find the smell exciting, you need to pay attention.The stronger the smell,

the higher the formaldehyde content.But, have a few furniture even if flavour is not heavy, material still is unqualified however.So, before buying, must ask businessman to show relevant environmental protection certificate.
Three touch: paint want smooth
After smelling the smell, you need to watch the paint carefully.Paint is also closely related to human health.You need to touch it with your hands. What you need to pay attention to is whether the paint is smooth, whether the paint is

wrinkled, and whether the paint has dropped.The furniture of normal manufacturer commonly, do very fastidious in paint respect.
Four observation: four feet are flat
No matter you are to buy a bed, buy sofa, still buy chest, buy table, the quadrate of furniture is necessary, also be premise requirement.While checking out the furniture, you can either shake or sit up and try it out.If it makes a

sound, be aware that the furniture may not be strong.
Fifth inspection: water content and local level
Because the moisture content of wood furniture is affected by its origin, and the moisture content is higher than the average moisture content use area of more than 1% of the furniture will appear the phenomenon such as crack,

deformation and apart, warp, so the best drying technology good enterprise production of furniture of choose and buy, local or overseas production is not important, the key is to use area with its moisture content is consistent with the

average moisture content.

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