Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Lotto-Blue Wall Art For Sale

Blue Wall Art For Sale-Lorenzo lotto (1480-1556) was a Nonconformist, never-before-seen artist of Venetian painting known as the vagrant and the solitary.
Born in a merchant family in Venice,Great Big Canvas  lotto had been eccentric since childhood and was not good at communication and traveling. He had been to many places in Italy and had seen the works of many famous artists.
He had been to Rome at the age of 29, had met Raphael, had seen Michelangelo's Sistine ceiling, but none of this appealed to him.
He returned to Venice at the age of 45 and lived there until the age of 69.Black And White Painting Although he was a little old, he continued to travel indignantly as usual.
Most of the characters in lotto's paintings are aloof, upright and full of personality.
Many of his paintings are of high peaks and deep valleys.
Strong light and loud colors are often used to make the picture tone high.
The image is created in the painting, and the slightly exaggerated facial expressions in the realism make the characters in the painting more distinct.
Christ and the deceived, by the age of toby giorgione and titian, the same Venetian painters.
Religious myth theme rich human characteristics, tone clear.
These are the common characteristics of Venetian artists,Contemporary Painting
and lotto is no exception.
Christ and the deceived woman is actually a genre painting with real life significance.
Christ ACTS as a fair and respected elder, a liar's statement, an onlooker's participation in the debate, and a helpless and deceived woman, each of whom makes a gesture consistent with his own identity, especially the facial expressions and gestures of the figures in the painting convey a very vivid and personal emotion.
The artist is full of half-length images, the characters are crowded and overlapping, airtight, and depict the head dynamics, facial expressions and mutual relations of the characters.LARGE CONTEMPORARY ART,PALETTE KNIFE PAINTING YELLOW, BLUE, GREEN, ORANGE, PURPLE

The composition is still in the middle of the traditional Christ, and the other characters are arranged on both sides in a symmetrical structure.
On light and color processing, character, especially the face in the light area, against the dark background is more brilliant, the contrast, the color is through the warm and cool color contrast and strong light, as a subject of Christ and a woman are in a strong light and color contrast of changes in temperature, the image is particularly prominent.
This painting shows the spiritual contrast between good and evil, beauty and ugliness. The woman is good and kind, while Christ is fair and just. It is the embodiment of truth, virtue and beauty.
Around the crowd of beauty and ugliness, good and evil coexistence.

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